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January 12th, 2011

Doing the Right Things to Use Your Facebook Page for Marketing

Facebook is now considered a marketing tool, and many people are using it with great success. However, you really can’t expect to simply throw up a Facebook profile and suddenly be in the top 5 placements. There are ways to use social networking that will help maximize your exposure and provide you with devoted and loyal followers.

Facebook is beneficial for your customers if you are able to use it as a place for communication. Allow lots of questions and even challenge your customers to ask questions so that you can keep the communication flowing.

If you’re spent any time on Facebook you are probably aware of the importance of the “like.” When someone hits the like button they help to increase your exposure as well as increase your popularity ranking on the social media scale. Websites and newsletters are more than acceptable for additional like buttons, provided that they are well placed. Make sure it’s in a highly visible area and that it is right alongside another action, like signing up for your newsletter.

Learning to tag customers is a great way to increase your exposure. Tagging customers means using pictures and videos that have customers in them. When you tag someone they are automatically notified and thus they are much more likely to click to find out what you’ve posted. Make sure that all videos and pictures that you use can in no way be construed as embarrassing or otherwise inappropriate.

Facebook can be relatively casual for many users. If you’re using a page for your personal life don’t mix it with the pages for your professional life. Make sure that your professional pages look professional. Keep pictures of your children, your pets, and your causes on your personal page and be sure to set up a landing page. You can do this through the settings option when you’re creating your professional profile.

Remember that social media is an interactive event. You have to interact with the consumer. This means that (while it might be tempting) you don’t want to turn off the ability for customers to comment on your wall. Allowing your customers to freely express themselves might feel like a risky event, but it is something that can really highlight your exceptional customer service. Negativity is usually just a customer in need.

Spamming is just as ineffective and unappreciated on Facebook or any social media as it is via email. If you are sending messages, be sure it’s to provide your customers with a special deal or a wonderful offer. If you send out generic messages it won’t take long for you to completely wipe out your fan base.

Learning to use Facebook pages for marketing is actually in many ways easier than learning the ins and outs of SEO writing. It’s a relatively simple process once you get your feet wet. This is a place to represent yourself and your business well while providing real, honest, and polite interactions with your customers of today and tomorrow.

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